Key FAFSA changes kick in this year: Families should be aware of earlier start date for filling out federal student aid form

For more than 34,000 Kansas public and private school students, this month marks the start of their senior years. As they consider what to do after high school, they and their families should be aware of changes to the federal student aid process. Starting this year, students can fill out a FAFSA as early as [...]

Will Early FAFSA Mean Earlier Financial Aid Packages?

Not necessarily, but the form's new, October 1 release date may mean lots of confusion. November 1 sounds crazy early as a financial aid deadline. W. Kent Barnds knows that. To require that financial aid applications be submitted before high school seniors have proofread their application essays or even finished taking their SATs is a [...]

Taking the Initiative to Apply Early for Financial Aid Could Mean Getting More

Most students realize they have to fill out the FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid—to be eligible for need-based financial aid. What they may not realize is that the sooner the form is submitted, the more money you might get. The new FAFSA deadlines can help. Even more confusing is that each state manages its [...]